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Enter the captivating realm of Nostalgia Audio's 'Unicorn' Earphone Upgrade Cable and embark on a mesmerizing journey through sound. This exceptional cable seamlessly merges cutting-edge audio technology with refined elegance, creating a rich and expansive sonic landscape. With its ability to enhance soundstage, capture intricate details, and breathe life into vocals, the 'Unicorn' cable delivers an immersive and enchanting sonic experience. Symbolizing greatness and wonder, it transports listeners to a realm where music unfolds with remarkable depth and precision. Immerse yourself in this magical audio adventure and discover a future of refined audio craftsmanship designed for discerning sound enthusiasts.


Core Thickness: 22.5 AWG (Core), 17.7 AWG (With Shield)

Core Structure: Special Litz Configuration with Spiral Shielding

Core Material: 4N Pure Silver + Silver Plate LCOFC

Shielding Material: Silver Plated LCOFC + Colored 4N OFC

Outer Sheath: ChameLeon Violet SoftFlex PVC

Connector: Customized Rhodium Plated Connectors


SKU: pcs

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