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NA 12

12 Individual Drivers, Tribrid Design

2 Bone Conduction Vibrator - 2 Mid

8 Balanced Armateurs - 2 Sub Low, , 2 Mid-Low,

                                        2 Mid-High, 2 High,

2 Electrostatic Drivers - 2 Ultra-High

6-Way Crossover Design

Designed in Hong Kong


2 Strands Configuration

Core Thickness: 22.5 AWG (Core)

17.7 AWG (With Shield)

Core Structure: Special Litz Configuration with Spiral Shielding

Core Material: 4N Pure Silver + Silver Plate LCOFC

Shielding Material: Silver Plated LCOFC + Colored 4N OFC

Outer Sheath: ChameLeon Violet SoftFlex PVC

Connector: Customized Rhodium Plated Connectors

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