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Benbulbin is a hybrid, 3 way design Iem featuring a 11mm Tuned Titanium plated dynamic driver and 4 Balanced Armature drivers. It is using 3D DLP Printed shells and an epoxy wood faceplate so every Benbulbin is unique. A titanium plated dynamic driver can provide an accurate and deep bass.  4 Balanced Amateur can present smooth mids and detailed highs. We believe that Benbulbin can offer a neutral sound and great soundstage for every user no matter you are stage user or an audiophile.


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Technical Specifications

5 Drivers, Hybrid Design

1 Dynamic Driver - Bass

2 Balanced Armature Drivers - Mid

2 Balanced Armature Drivers - High

3-Way Crossover Design

Impedance: 11 Ohms @ 1kHz

Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 19kHz

Bespoke Prelude High Purity Silver Plated Copper Cable

BBB v6_edited.png
Technical Specificatons


“Prelude” is an entry level cable of Nostalgia Audio. Prelude featuring 4 strands of 26 AWG Litz type 4 high purity silver plated copper wire, using Audionote 6% silver solder with high quality parts. Music is a universal language in the world and we hope everyone can enjoy the music when using “Prelude”.



26 AWG high purity silver plated copper
Litz type 4 design
Audionote 6% silver solder
High quality parts


Reviewers saying

“Benbulbin is an IEM that offers a detailed, precise sound through a hassle-free, comfortable presentation. Its characteristic texture and reverbs are especially charming that captivates you."

Paul, About Audio

About Audio.png

“With its exceptionally solid fit, class-leading cable and balanced sound that doesn’t sacrifice bass extension and power, Nostalgia Audio have created one of the most versatile IEMs in its price class.”

Ryan Soo, The Headphone List


“The Nostalgia Audio Benbulbin is an exceptional representation of a consumer-friendly signature, with a prosumer twist. Its design is aesthetically pleasing and matches its premium price tag, alongside its generous package.”

Kelvin, Headfonics


"Benbulbin does almost everything right for a high-end model - natural timbre, great detail retrieval. For those looking for a pair of TOTL IEMs with clean and neutral sound, the Benbulbin are a great candidate."

Teo Yong Shun, The Audiolocheese.

The Audiolocheese_edited.png
Reviewers saying

Story of Benbulbin

Benbulbin is a big rock-formation in County Sligo, Ireland.

It is one of the settings in several Irish legends such as the legendary Fianna which is a band of warriors who have lived in the 3rd century. In Fianna, there is a very famous warrior who has carried a twin of sword and spears called Diarmuid Ua Duibhne. “The Pursuit of Diarmuid and Grainne” is about a love triangle between the Diarmuid, Grainne and the Leader of Fionna Fionn Mac Cumhaill. In “The Pursuit of Diarmuid and Grainne”, Benbulbin is also the place where Diarmuid’s final rest.

Story of Benbulbin


Benbulbin Custom In-Ear Monitors

Prelude High Purity silver platedcopper Cable

Nostalgia Audio hand-crafted leather case

Dekoni Washable Memory Foam

AZLA Xelastec tips (S/M/L size) - S, M, L

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