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Tesseract features 10 Balanced Armature drivers and 6 Sonion latest Electrostatic drivers. Not only the shell, the internal modular of Tesseract is designed to be fully built by 3D Printing, to keep every Tesseract performing the same sound quality to high-end audiophiles. Tesseract has 5-way crossover design, 2 BA for low, 2 BA for low-mid, 4 BA for mid, 2BA for high and 6 EST for ultra high frequencies. Low-Pass Labyrinth technology has been added into our Tesseract to enhance low frequencies performance. Tesseract provides an enormous soundstage and ultimate airy sound for audiophiles who pursue perfection.

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Technical Specifications

16 Drivers, Hybrid Design

10 Balanced Armature Drivers - 2 Low, 2 Low-Mid , 4-Mid,  2 High

6 Electrostatic Drivers - 6 Ultra-High

5-Way Crossover Design

Low-Pass Labyrinth Technology

Spiral Flow Device

E.S.C. Technology

Impedance: 18 Ohms @ 1kHz

Frequency Response: 10 Hz - 45kHz

Sensitivity: 118dB @ 1kHz, 1mW

High Purity Silver Cable

explose 1.png
Technical Specificatons


4 Strands 22 AWG High Purity Silver

Multiple strand design

SoftFlex PVC Insulation

Rhodium Plated High Quality 4.4mm Balanced Termination



Balanced Armature drivers


Tesseract uses ten Balanced Armature Drivers on low, low-mid, mid and high frequencies. Our SFD system is implemented to reduce losses from the tube curvature, presenting a smooth, sweet vocal also detailed highs and extensions.

Electrostatic drivers


We used Six Electrostatic Drivers in Tesseract. Voltage transformer has been installed into the IEM so the EST driver doesn’t need to have an external power unit to drive the units. 6 EST Drivers give the most accurate transient response, and also provide unlimited details.



LPL - Low Pass Labyrinth

Consisting of Large Composite BA Drivers and a Built-in Labyrinth. By using high-precision 3D printing technology, a 72 mm ultra long bass duct structure is built for a powerful, slamming bass response.


SFD - Spiral Flow Device

The SFD is specially designed for enhancing the Mid performance in Tesseract . A helical formation incorporated as a ridge serves to induce a spiral pattern of flow, reducing loss caused by the curvature of the nozzle, and polishing up the vocal performance. 

Fully 3D Print Design


Tesseract inherited our featured fully 3D print design. Not only the shell, we have designed a precise 3D printed acoustic tube structure for all those drivers to minimize the size and provide more solid and precise sound. Furthermore,  Medical-Grade 3D Printed Materials is used to maximize wearing comfort, tear resistant, skin-friendly and biocompatible.


E.S.C. Technology

Tesseract boasts cutting-edge technology with the inclusion of ESC (Electromagnetic Shielding Coating) technology, sprayed on all the drivers. This advanced coating is designed to provide protection against electromagnetic interference, ensuring an uninterrupted audio experience with pure sound quality. The coating is expertly crafted from a unique blend of metal oxides and conductive polymers, creating a highly effective barrier against electromagnetic waves. With this innovative technology, users can enjoy crystal-clear audio without any distortion or interference caused by external electromagnetic radiation. This makes our IEM the perfect choice for audiophiles, music professionals, and anyone seeking the highest quality audio experience.

Story of Tesseract

Design Concept of Tesseract

We hope that users, amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, can unwind on their way home after dealing with their daily tasks, by wearing headphones and embarking on a journey through Tesseract that transcends dimensions. Tesseract takes you on a four-dimensional journey, immersing you in a space we have carefully designed and allowing you to experience time and space travel. Playing different tracks is akin to setting reference points on a timeline, enabling music to transport you back in time or help you explore the future. Our aim is for users to fully immerse themselves in the unique time and space of music after donning Tesseract, and enjoy the pleasure that music can bring. At this moment, users can also begin to explore and develop a love for different types of music, gaining diverse experiences along the way.

Elaine Chiu - "Tesseract"

Nostalgia Audio’s new series “Tesseract” evokes a Cyberpunk imagination in my head - which encompasses a futuristic cityscape with skyscrapers, a galaxy, and a time-traveling train that connects the past, present and future.

The blue light design on the earphones inspires a neon pattern in my painting in one of the buildings in the foreground. I am creating a sense of timelessness to echo the broad soundstage features of the product. 

When I listen to music, I enjoy how the songs can take me back to different eras. I could easily travel in time with genres such as city-pop, and 80s Canton pop. Music has a powerful impact on my painting rhythms. In the painting, I have constructed three layers that represent three different stages of my art, Hong Kong city and its music development. The foreground resembles an old district in Hong Kong. It symbolises the root of my art and the root of canton pop music. Following the train to the middle part of the painting, more geometric shapes abstracted from Central’s CBD can be seen, with a lighter and quicker tonal change. It is the “evolutionary stage” of my art and the city. Finally, when the train reaches the galaxy, it emblematises the reach of full artistic potential with brushstrokes going onto abstraction.


Hong Kong | B.1996


"Tesseract", Chiu's digital painting from 2022 



Tesseract In-Ear Monitors

Tesseract High Purity Silver Cable

Anodized Aluminum Case

Metallic Warranty Card

Nylon Mesh Cloth Protective Bag

Dekoni Washable Memory Foam

Symbio W Memory Foam & Silicone Hybrid Ear Tips - S, M, L

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