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HaNa-Tan is a product that showcases the popular Japanese virtual idol "Hanatan." Designed to cater to the desires of virtual idol fans and enthusiasts, this product offers exceptional sound quality and a comfortable design. It is an ideal choice for both music enthusiasts and virtual idol enthusiasts.

HaNa-Tan  is equipped with 1 Dynamic driver, 3 Balanced Armature drivers, and 2 Sonion Electrostatic drivers, all integrated into a 4-way crossover design. This combination of drivers and crossover design ensures a high-quality audio experience.


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Technical Specifications

 1 dynamic driver, 3 balanced armature drivers, 2 electrostatic drivers

4-way crossover

 1 low, 2 mid, 1 high, 2 ultra-high

 Impedance: 12 Ohms at 1 kHz.

 Frequency response: 15 Hz - 25 kHz.

 Sensitivity: 114dB at 1kHz, 1mW.

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Technical Specificatons


HaNa-Tan, as our first collaboration IEM with Virtual Youtuber, utilizing our best IEM drivers and technologies, provides a beautiful and comfortable sound, hence we decided to forge an extraordinary cable especially for HaNaTan. A supreme handcrafted 4 strands cable composed of silver plated OFC and OCC silver in Litz configuration, protected with transparent and translucent pink SoftFlex PVC, and equipped with swappable 3.5 and 4.4 mm terminations. We believe that HaNaTan brings you a stunning impression of sound experience.


4 Strands 24 AWG 
High Purity Silver + Silver Plated OFC Copper
Litz Type 2 Design
SoftFlex PVC Insulation
Swappable 3.5 & 4.4mm Terminations




Dynamic Drivers


Our self-designed 8mm Dynamic Drivers are constructed with N52 Neodymium magnet, and a PEN diaphragm. Polyethylene naphthalate, one of the ester functional groups of polyester, is easy to drive and could provide a quick and deep bass with stunning performance.

Balanced Armature drivers

HaNa-Tan is equipped with three balanced armature drivers that cover the midrange, and treble frequencies. This straightforward configuration allows for the optimal performance of each driver within its designated frequency range. The balanced design ensures that every frequency range is adequately represented, while maximizing the capabilities of each individual driver.

HaNa-Tan delivers exceptional resolution and detail across the entire frequency spectrum, ensuring accurate reproduction of every musical nuance within the soundstage. 

Electrostatic drivers

HaNa-Tan equipped with dual 2nd generation electrostatic drivers, they can deliver increased headroom, and bring out ultra-fast and detailed extra-high frequency responses, provide the most accurate transient response, and also provide unlimited details.


Customized titanium sound nozzle

HaNa-Tan features proprietary drivers and a specially designed titanium nozzle inspired by convergent-divergent nozzles used in gas turbines and rocket engines. This unique design optimizes airflow, enhancing efficiency and overall performance. The IEM incorporates a tapered and widened channel in the output nozzle, allowing for precise adjustment of sound distribution and shape. This results in improved sound performance with enhanced clarity, dynamic range, and a more expansive soundstage. The innovative design of HaNa-Tan delivers an immersive and captivating music experience, elevating the IEM's clarity and spatial perception.

About HaNaTan(花たん)

"HaNaTan" has been uploading cover song videos on the video platform Nico Nico Douga since 2008. In 2009, her cover of "Romeo and Cinderella" garnered immense attention and praise. With personal dedication and a wealth of emotional expression in her singing, she quickly became a highly popular female vocalist on Nico Nico Douga, where she continues to be active. She has covered numerous well-known songs and performed many original compositions. Since 2022, she has been using a Live2D avatar for her activities on the video platform, and her powerful vocal abilities continue to attract a dedicated fanbase. She currently performs concerts in various locations and has also provided vocals for some anime songs.



Story of HANATAN


HaNa-Tan Universal In-Ear Monitors

Aluminum Protective Case

Cleaning Tool

3.5mm/4.4mm swappable silver plated OFC and OCC silver cables

Canal Works CWU-GECL Gel Eartips

Nostalgia Audio XWB Eartips

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