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The name Kratos derives from the symbol of strength and power in Greek mythology. True to its name, Kratos is designed to exude strength and dominance. We have drawn inspiration from this concept by utilizing a 2-strand configuration with a 26 AWG core and a shielding layer of 22 AWG. The core is composed of high-purity copper-silver alloy with silver plating and oxygen-free copper arranged in an alternating pattern, while the outer shielding layer is made of 6N OCC copper. This design aims to provide an exceptional listening experience. The outermost layer is crafted with the soft and flexible SoftFlex PVC material, which boasts remarkable features such as excellent transparency, tactile feel, resistance to pulling and tearing, and overall durability, ensuring a comfortable and long-lasting user experience.



2 Strands Configuration

26 AWG Core: High-purity copper-silver alloy with silver plating OFC copper Resilient core

22 AWG Shielding: 6N OCC copper

Fifth Pole Grounding: Tin-Plated Copper

Insulation: SoftFlex PVC

Solder: Mixed Solder



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